Luthier Alan Simcoe | Carving a Cavaquinho Neck
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Carving a Cavaquinho Neck

Carving a Cavaquinho Neck

Carving a Cavaquinho neck. A Cavaquinho is a cousin of the Ukulele, used in Brazil, particularly in Choro music. Lke the Uke, it is a gift from the Portuguese about 500 years ago and developed indigenously from that time. Unlike the Uke, it is steel strung. The materials are Spanish Cedar with a stiffening spine of Padauk strips. We learned this advanced construction technique in middle school wood shop class as a means to customize our skateboards…..What? They don’t have wood shop class anymore? No wonder the Country is going to Hell. Now, I suppose you’re going to tell me they don’t have skateboards anymore.


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Nearly complete carving a new Cavaquinho neck.

Alan Simcoe
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