Luthier Alan Simcoe | Brazilian Cavaquinho
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Brazilian Cavaquinho

Brazilian Cavaquinho

My cavaquinho features a more or less standard string length and a zero fret, which is common.  The zero fret gives the open strings the same metallic “ping” as the fretted notes. The top is European spruce, enhancing the instruments clarity and giving good separation between strings.  The back and sides on this particular instrument are black walnut which gives the voice a little “woodiness”, and buffers somewhat the brilliance of tone that the Cocobolo bridge imparts. The rosette is Tulip wood. The bindings are Cocobolo.


Cavaquinho Photo Gallery & Description


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Luthier Alan Simcoe and his wife Debby with her new Cavaquinho for her Choro music jams.

Alan Simcoe
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