Luthier Alan Simcoe | Recital Guitars
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Recital Guitars

My Recital classical acoustic guitars are developed from the “Bream” 1973 Jose Romanillos. The slightly smaller body combined with my version of the Romanillos 7-fan, open harmonic bar bracing produces an instrument of great flexibility and charm.  I have also built this instrument successfully with a 640mm scale length as a concert instrument for smaller stature players.  All of my tonewoods are well-aged and stable.  I pay particular attention to the quality and aging of my top and brace wood. All Recital models are french polished.

Scale length.   650 mm (25 9/16″)
Body length.    478 (19 3/16″)
Lower bout.     356 (14″)
Upper bout.     270 (10 5/8″)
Depth at end.    97 (3 13/16″)
Depth at heel.   84 (3 5/16″)
Total length.    978 (38 1/2″)