Luthier Alan Simcoe | Renaissance Lute
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Renaissance Lute

Renaissance Lute

7 Course Lute in G After Venere 1592. These instruments are built extremely light to produce a fast response, clear tone and rapid decay. This is ideal to bring out the two to four part counterpoint that is the lute’s stock and trade. The brightness of the trebles combines with the natural tendency of the bowl shape to favor the basses to produce a nice balance amongst the voices.



Top:  Englemann, or German Spruce
Bowl:  Maple, Cherry, or Indian Rosewood
Neck:  Maple, or Poplar w/veneer
Fingerboard:  Madagascar Rosewood or Ebony
Tuning Pegs:  Pear, Ebony, or Boxwood
Finish:  French Polish or Oil Varnish



Scale length:    586 mm
Nut width:        57 mm
Max body width:     302 mm
Max body depth:     150 mm
Total length:    680 mm


June 15, 2015