Luthier Alan Simcoe | Custom Handmade Irish Cittern
Custom hand made modern Irish cittern by Seattle Luthier Alan Simcoe features a Gamba-like sweep from sides to heel. Also available as a long scale bouzouki. Hand built on Bainbridge Island.
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Irish Cittern

Irish Cittern

This instrument embodies the dark and plangent sounds of the modern Irish cittern. Still, it can cut through traditional instrumentation to deliver strong melodic passages. Gamba-like sweep from sides to heel is an elegant visual touch. Also available as a long scale bouzouki.



Top: Englemann Spruce (cut between 1979-1981)
Back & Sides: Indian Rosewood
Neck: Spanish Cedar
Fingerboard: Ebony
Bridge: Kokobolo
Rosette: Spalted Maple



Scale length:            580 mm
Nut width:                  42 mm
Max body width:     352 mm
Max body depth:     100 mm
Total length:            874 mm


July 4, 2015