Luthier Alan Simcoe | Parlor Guitars
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Parlor Guitars

My Parlor classical acoustic guitars are based on an 1864 Antonio Torres parlor size guitar.  The Parlor models are smaller in stature compared to the Concert and Recital models, but have an amazing sound quality that compares favorably with much larger instruments.  I follow Torres’ 5-fan bracing pattern on this little gem. All of my tonewoods are well-aged and stable.  I pay particular attention to the quality and aging of my top and brace wood. All Parlor models are french polished.

Scale length.    640 mm (25 3/16″)
Body length.    446 mm (17 9/16″)
Lower bout.     302 mm (11 7/8″)
Upper bout.     217 mm (8 1/2″)
Depth at end.    94 mm (3 111/16″)
Depth at heel.   84 mm (3 5/16″)
Total length.    924 mm (36 3/8″)