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Alan’s Journal


European Spruce 7 String

This 7-String Concert model is a Hauser design classical guitar with European Spruce top and Indian Rosewood sides and back. Spanish Cedar neck with Ebony fingerboard....


Island School Batucada

Island School on Bainbridge Island asked me to come in during the month of March and show their students how to do Brazilian style Batucada drumming. ...


Bainbridge Island Treasure

Bainbridge Island Museum of Art honoring Bainbridge Island Treasures. Concert guitar and cavaquinho on display, along with grandson, Reed.  ...

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Brazilian Cavaquinho

My cavaquinho features a more or less standard string length and a zero fret, which is common.  The zero fret gives the open strings the same...

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Fretting the Cavaquinho

Fretting the Cavaquinho. Here is the Zero Fret traditional to the instrument. Nearly there! Similar in appearance to the ukulele, this four string mid-size cousin of the...

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Cuban Heels Latin Jazz

The Cuban Heels played a fun performance last night at the @intentionaltable on Bainbridge Island for Art Walk. Ian Turner percussion, Steve Newton bass, Alan Simcoe...

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Cavaquinho Neck Gluing

Cavaquinho Update. I just finished gluing the neck. Notice the latest cutting edge rubber band technology. I don't actually drink Western Family bulk ground coffee. On...

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Cavaquinho box Complete

Here is the Cavaquinho box completed (bottom) with the back ready to glue down (top). Getting close! As you can see, I'm not building inside a rigid...

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Cuban Heels Latin Jazz

The Cuban Heels latin jazz band played a fun gig this Friday night at the Susanne Maurice Wine Bar in Lynwood Center, Bainbridge Island. Ian Turner...

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Carving a Cavaquinho Neck

Carving a Cavaquinho neck. A Cavaquinho is a cousin of the Ukulele, used in Brazil, particularly in Choro music. Lke the Uke, it is a gift...